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Happy Birthday USA

Happy Birthday USA

by Steely Dad on July 3, 2009


On this the GREATEST day in American history, normally I’d attempt to write an eloquent, if not verbose, piece about the nobility of our republic and acknowledge those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom, liberty and individual rights. However, I don’t think I could add anything substantive to what my home girl WeaselMomma has already stated in her beautifully written post Fathering a Nation. Please check it out.

So instead I’ll just leave you with this photo of my breakfast (Yea, that’s right, I said “my breakfast.” Inspiration can take many different forms and this is what you do when you’re a SAHD and the kids are still sleeping.) that pretty much captures the emotion I experience when I think of the Fourth of July, a very special day that commemorates so much.  Happy Birthday USA!

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