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If Life Gives You Cancer Make Lemonade

If Life Gives You Cancer Make Lemonade

by Steely Dad on May 29, 2009

Let me be honest. I’m not a “charity” sucker. What I mean is that I just don’t throw money at an organization called “Save the Children” or “Pets are People Too” or, as in the case of George Costanza, “The Human Fund.” Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the effort many organizations make on behalf of their constituents but after working for a non-profit in the past, I’m a bit jaded for I saw first-hand the level of profligate waste that occurs. All too often a majority of the money intended for the “cause” becomes the salary of the executive director and that just breaks my heart. I’m also reluctant to get involved in something that requires me to solicit funds. Don’t ask me why but I’ve always had an aversion to asking friends for money. It makes me uncomfortable. So unless the charity is a cause in which I truly believe and unless it’s a struggle with which I can identify, unless it’s an organization that doesn’t have a minimum contribution and is appreciative of every penny, I’m not interested. Sorry but that’s how I feel. Also, I want to know that my money and effort, as well as that of the people I solicit, is making the difference it intended to make and isn’t going toward paying the CEO’s BMW bill.

Such a charity does exist.

The Steely Clan has teamed up with Stash’s Restaurant and Grill to join the fight against childhood cancer by sponsoring an Alex’s Lemonade Stand fundraiser. Yup, we’ll be manning the stand, serving up the finest pre-mixed lemonade that’s guaranteed to wet your whistle. You can learn all about the endeavor on our fundraising page by clicking this link:


Steely Wife put us down for $720 as our official goal. How she came to this random number I’ll never know. I think she researched the Farmer’s Almanac to determine weather conditions and then divided the ultra-violet coefficient by the thirst denominator. Anyhow,  I told her that the Steely Dad Nation is made up of truly generous members whose munificence cannot be overstated. Between me and you guys, I’d like to make it an even grand. I don’t know, it just looks prettier to me.

Now get this: $.90 of every dollar raised goes directly to the organization’s mission. Yea, that’s right. Only $.10 of every dollar goes to paying administrative costs  so rest assured the money raised will go directly to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer, a 501(c)3 public charity, to fund childhood cancer research projects across the country. The mission of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is to raise funds and awareness of childhood cancer causes; primarily to support research into new cures and treatments; to encourage and educate others, especially children; to raise money for childhood cancer by holding their own lemonade stands and to expedite the process of finding new cures and bringing them to children currently engaged in their own noble battle against cancer.

Did you guys know that childhood cancer is the leading cause death by disease for children in the United States? I didn’t but I for one cannot ignore this statistic impacting the youth of our country and I certainly hope that you won’t either. Let’s face it. As parents all we really want is to watch our kids grow up to be happy, healthy people. To that end, we need your help.

Please help support our efforts and this critically important cause by making a monetary contribution. Simply click on the LEMON on the right-hand side of our fundraising page where it says, “DONATE.” We honestly don’t care if it’s $1 or $100. It all matters and it all counts. Times are tough all over and if you think your wallet is looking emaciated these days you should take a look at those of the non-profit sector. I know our family doesn’t have tons of extra dough right now but we still want to do our part. You can do yours by making a donation online, visit an upcoming event or mail your donation.

Thanking you guys in advance.

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