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Steely Dad Becomes a ModernMom

Steely Dad Becomes a ModernMom

by Steely Dad on January 15, 2010

Let’s face it, men: the parenting blog genre is a woman’s world. Moms have been at it longer than we have so they are organized, networked and supportive of each other (for the most part). It’s that sisterhood gene we lack. So they get a lion’s share of all the groovy free products and advertising bucks. But we can’t complain. Just like when the ladies had to break the proverbial glass ceiling when they entered the workforce, we too must pay our dues.

But I bring good news, my brothers! An industry insider recently declared to me that 2010 will be the “Year of the Dad Blog”! There are many signs that she may be on to something.

In addition to more dad sites garnering the attention of advertisers and PR agencies, many mom sites are opening their doors to dads. It turns out that moms love to read a man’s perspective, especially when it comes from one to whom they are not married. Who knew?

And apparently the lovely ladies over at the incredibly informative website, ModernMom.com think I have what it takes to hang with the girls as they have invited me to join the ranks of their gifted and talented writers as a featured blogger.

I know what you’re asking: why Steely Dad? I am neither gifted nor talented and what I have to say barely passes as “insightful.”

Truth be told, I have no idea. Perhaps they felt pity for me; perhaps it has something to do with the assumption that as a stay-at-home dad I must be deeply in touch with my feminine side. Maybe they received some nastygram from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to add a daddy or face a Senate hearing. I haven’t a clue. The answer is unknown but to G-d and the crack staff at ModernMom and I doubt either party is gonna say much.

In any case, feel free to check out my ModernMom blog at http://www.modernmom.com/blogs/steely-dad/.

Hope to hear from you all soon!

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