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Super Bowl Party Permission Slip For Men

Super Bowl Party Permission Slip For Men

by Steely Dad on January 29, 2009

I apologize to all my readers for not posting in a few days. To be honest, I have actually injured myself. How? Alligator wresting? Sky diving? Saving an innocent bystander from being run over by a city bus? No. Not exactly. I injured myself, this is embarrassing, working on my blog. I’m not kidding. I’ve been working on the design, marketing and content of my blog, on average, between eight to 10 hours a day! My right arm feels like there is an electric eel inside it and my wrist as though fire ants have taken up residence within its tiny tendons. Note to those who read my previous blog: No, contrary to what you might be hypothesizing, I did not sustain this particular injury from my telemarketing phone sex escapade (although I readily admit that would make for a much more interesting story). Fact is, I used the non-dominant appendage (it provides a clumsy sense of the unfamiliar), in this case, my left hand. But good try!

In any case, here at Steely Dad, it is my sincerest hope to not only entertain and offend but to provide a service of a much more utilitarian nature. To this end, today I am providing what I hope to be the first of many public service tools that my readers will find useful.

As a dad of two and a husband of one, I know how difficult it can be to try and get away with your guy friends. In order to bridge communication between the two parties of a relationship, I have included in this post a useful device. It is a permission slip for a night out with the boys. I felt it apropos with the imminence of the Super Bowl. I wish I could take credit for the creation of this document that will prove as vital to your marital, boyfriend, betrothed or whatever-the-case-might-be relationship as the Constitution is to our great nation but doing so would be disingenuous. I will gladly provide credit where credit is due for this ingenious document but I came upon it through sheer serendipity. Should the author of it recognize it as their own work, feel free to contact me and I will provide adequate accolades. Not to fret, my loyal lady readers, a version of the permission slip for you will be forthcoming in tomorrow’s posting. In any case, here it is for the boys. Feel free to print it out and forward to all your friends. I purposely left it as a Word doc so you may edit as needed. Enjoy!

Download Boys Night Out Permission Slip

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