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Who is Steely Dad?

I’m just a regular dude who happens to take care of his two little kids on a full-time basis. Instead of going to an office, I go to preschools and play dates. Contrary to what you might be thinking, I still have a penis and he still has his two little buddies.  It’s a complete set.

I’m a willing and happy victim of irony. As a handsome, intelligent, brave, modest man in my mid-thirties, I  thought I’d never get hitched much less have kids and much, much, much less become a stay-at-home dad (SAHD).  This was not the role I envisioned for myself when I was paying my way through an expensive four-year university.  However, being a SAHD has given me purpose and direction, fulfillment and joy.  To be sure, being a SAHD is a title I carry with unabashed pride.

And believe it or not, we SAHDs can do a pretty darn good job.  Just like SAHMs, we have strengths and we have weaknesses but we’re still capable parents even when left alone with our children.

Me in an oyster shell:

As the name implies, Steely Dan is my favorite band (I’ve enjoyed them live on three occasions).

I am the first in my family to graduate from a university and though I did so with distinction I now believe that universities are little more than factories of liberal propaganda.

I don’t believe in global warming but my wife and I share one car.

I am an ardent supporter of breast feeding moms and have been to enough breast-feeding support groups that I could probably qualify to be a lactation consultant.

Ayn Rand is my favorite philosopher.

My two favorite professional sports are the NFL and NHL. Which is my favorite? Too close to call. I am a diehard Detroit Red Wings fan and I watch all 82 regular season games.

I don’t have a Southern drawl and I don’t eat pigs’ feet but I do love NASCAR.

I hate hypocrisy.

I believe homeschooling to be a legitimate alternative to “traditional” education.

I love to cook, especially smoking meat. And although I also have an appreciation for grilling, smoking meat is a completely different art form that requires of its acolytes a perpetual pursuit of perfection.

I am smitten with wanderlust and although I’ve traveled to more than 20 countries as well as having lived abroad, I’m not done yet.

I love to golf although I rarely get out to play now with two kids.  BK (Before Kids) I used to play 18 (and sometimes 27) holes every day.  I went from shooting in the 100s to shooting in the 70s. Since having our second child, I have played a total of two times.  Can you guess what I’m shooting these days?

When my wife and I decided to have kids we agreed that at least one parent should take care of them. We’re not daycare bashers; this was our personal choice.

So why the blog?  Who in the hell do I think I am to assume that I might have something provocative to say? What penetrating insights could I possibly contribute to an already-growing number of dad blogs? Well, I’m not here as a crusader to fight for SAHDs’ rights. There are many of my brethren who do a much better job at that than I could ever hope. And I’m not here to talk like some pedantic moron who thinks he’s the best dad since Cosby and everyone should stop and read about him. No, that’s not my style. I started Steelydad.com because ever since I became a SAHD I felt a desire to vent, spew, talk, discuss, argue, listen, learn and generally communicate about my experiences in the hopes that someone out there might say, “Right on!” I’ll write about funny things that my kids do and I’ll write about my own mistakes and mishaps. I’ll write about the stupid stuff people say to me and I’ll write about general issues/current events that cause me to scratch my head and wonder what sort of world is this for my kids. If you learn something, great; if you find yourself doubled over clutching your love handles in uncontrollable fits of laughter, even better. Of paramount importance to me is that I’m honest with myself and my readers and that you simply enjoy reading what I have to say. Sometimes I might be funny; other times I might be irreverent or angry.But whatever the mood, hopefully you’ll keep coming back to read more and, should you feel so inclined, leave a comment or two.


Steely Dad