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Steely Dad Review: Land’s End SnowSystem™ Jacket

November 13, 2009

I’ve never written a product review before but when my buddy PJ over at the blog Real Men Drive Mini Vans asked if I’d like to do one for the new Land’s End SnowSystem™ Jacket, I thought it might be a fun project. As this will be my second Chicago winter experience, it occurred to […]

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On the Road (Never) Again

November 1, 2009

At 9 PM Central on Thursday, Oct. 29, the Steely Family embarked on an ambitious adventure that most parents dare not even mention. What am I talking about? The Family Road Trip. So far, the trip has been pretty eventful, complete with overnight stays in Wal-Mart parking lots and dances with crazy drivers. During one […]

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So You Want to be a Stay-At-Home Dad?

October 21, 2009

When people find out that I’m a stay-at-home dad (SAHD), I usually receive one of two different reactions. The first is an overly-effusive and sometimes disingenuous diatribe about how wonderful it is that I stay home with the kids, and how progressive I am and all that crap. For those of you who do this […]

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Baby Emma Off Ventilator

October 9, 2009

  I realize some of you have been following the story of baby Emma, the 13-month old daughter of our close friends Sophie and Tyler Crew, who has been in the hospital on life-support for more than two weeks in what doctors are calling a Shaken Baby Syndrome incident. Well, I’m happy to report that […]

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Shaken Baby Syndrome Hits Close to Home

October 5, 2009

I have a favor to ask of you.  Yes, I’m aware that it’s rather presumptuous of me to make any requests in light of my prolonged absence, but a favor I ask of you nonetheless. You might be saying to yourself, “You schmuck! You abandon us, your faithful and loyal readers, for weeks on end and now you want […]

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