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Hey brother, can you spare a vote?

Hey Brother Can You Spare A Vote?

by Steely Dad on April 17, 2009

Let me just right down to it. After all, I am not above pandering if that is required.

Being a stay-at-home dad (SAHD) can be a lonely (even the acronym is depressing), thankless and at times a frightening job. There’s no one there to offer you an “at-a-boy” when you do a good job. In fact, being a SAHD is the type of job in which you only hear feedback when you’re fucking things up. To be blunt, I rarely, if ever, receive any sort of validation unless by “validation” you mean being pooped on or asked “why” 1,000 times a day.

I surely don’t receive any accolades from peers or other adults (although I use the term “adult” quite loosely when describing myself). Rather, I usually receive judgments and mean stares. Many times it just plane blows.

To be clear, I’m not asking for your sympathy, your donations or your shrink’s contact information. I’m only looking for your vote.

What vote?

Well, I’ve been recently nominated by Blogger’s Choice Awards for my work on Steely Dad. Unlike those morons at the Academy Awards, I am not honored to just be nominated. As Ignacio in Nacho Libre so eloquently put it, I Wanna Wheen!

Here are a few of my campaign promises. Should I win:

I promise to fix the economy. (I can’t even write that with a straight face.)

I will not torture.  (Contrary to what some of you might think, making you read my blog has NOT been deemed an instrument of torture under the Geneva Conventions.)

I will not accept contributions from special interests.  (Not-so-special interests are fair game)

And I will reform and become more transparent.  (That’s actually more of a threat than a promise)

So Steely Dad Nation, can you throw me a bone and help me feel a sense of validation no matter how fleeting? Can you help me reach blogger immortality? Can you help me achieve my pathetic dream of being recognized for work for which I do not get paid? To you it’s just a tiny little vote but for me it means so much more. Please don’t feel guilty if you believe clicking on one of the conveniently located links below requires just too much effort. I understand. It is rather tiresome to click on a link. If you think you don’t need to vote for me because all my other friends will do so please keep in mind I have very few friends (certainly not enough to stuff the ballot box) and those that I do have are either ineligible to vote due to being incarcerated, are still in rehab or are too drunk to read this posting. However, if you believe I suck and am not deserving of such esteemed recognition, please just put those feelings aside for one second and vote for me because I’ll stop whining and begging and perhaps stem the flow of my draining dignity.

After all, I am nothing without my pride.

Vote for me in all four categories and win a trip to an undisclosed location (ARV = $0.00).

Let the clicking begin!





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